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This is the personal site and portfolio of Mike Morrison, e-commerce and web designer, online entrepreneur, social media guy, wannabe writer and dad. My latest CV (pdf).

About Mike Morrison3: About Mike Morrison

Studies and web design

Studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Edinburgh and Industrial Design Engineering at the Royal College of Art in London, but decided quickly that it was the 'design' bit that really appealed to me. I did a few graphic and exhibition design jobs in London, Barcelona and San Francisco (it was more about the travel than the job seeking...) then bumped into the internet in 1999.

Co-founded up a small web design company building sites mostly with Flash, then later that year co-founded the gift & gadget e-commerce site I Want One Of Those.com with a couple of nice blokes. Launched the site in pre-crash early 2000 with only £15,000 of our own money, and left it after 7 years at which point it was making annual sales of over £6 million. It's currently doing more than twice that...

Since then...

I was accepted into the National Academy of Writing in 2007, a respected creative writing course in Birmingham, partly to get started properly on The Big Novel that had been festering for ages; I was also hired as a blogger to write articles for a Birmingham arts festival.

I co-founded Lizzie Doyle Clothing, another e-commerce site, this time selling larger women's clothing, from which grew a small and dedicated community of happy customers.

Apart from a couple of freelance websites, I worked part-time for an ethical film distributor which cannily employs the web and social media to promote its low-budget films in the UK. I've just completed a short foundation course in Agile project management with SCRUM and am currently Ecommerce Manager at the RSPCA.

1: Recent work

My skills3: My skills


Social Media & Copywriting

Worked on social media sites and content for Dogwoof Films. Conceived & built social website for my village (GrettonOn.com) to build new relationships, assist in local campaigns and share local knowledge and resources. Produced content for I Want One Of Those online & catalogues. Blogger for Birmingham New Generation Arts Festival, conceiving articles about Creative Writing and encouraging debate and engagement.

Web Design

Since 1999, co-founding 2AM New Media Design Company and building several e-commerce, design and social websites. Focus on SEO, accessibility and usability. Designed, coded
and written for various corporate Twitter and Facebook pages. Currently working with Magento and CS-Cart and building the RSPCA's virtual gifts website.


Web Development

Employed various technologies and strategies to build websites, from off-the- shelf packages through open source OSCommerce to more complicated Microsoft platforms and CMS, particularly Wordpress. Used Flash animation to create rich user-experience websites and website applications. Liaised with offsite programmers for specialised e-commerce features.

Business Consultancy and Networking

Offered business, web and start-up advice to auction, telecoms, motor-racing and baby products businesses. Appeared on TV to promote IWOOT, including Bloomberg TV and Channel 4's Big Breakfast. Spoke at the 2003 CIO summit in the Turnberry Hotel in Ayrshire, alongside speakers from Amazon, BT, Debenhams and Microsoft.

Get in contact4: Get in contact

Don't hesitate to get in touch, and I'll get back to you as soon as electronically possible.